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Corporate Wills and POAs for Pharmacies in Canada

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Corporate Wills & Power Of Attorney For Canadian Pharmacies


Everyone must have a will — even corporate and independent pharmacies. In fact, Canadian pharmacy owners are required to have a corporate, or dual will, which outlines what you would like to have done with your pharmacy and its assets when you pass. Without a corporate will, there is a strong chance that the government will be the one deciding how your property is divided. A power of attorney, or corporate POA, is beneficial for granting another party the permission to act on your behalf with regard to signing legal documents, dispersing company property, and other important responsibilities so that your business does not fall into the hands of the government. A dual will and corporate POA are the best way to ensure that your business and loved ones will not suffer.

Get your corporate will(s) and power of attorney for property and finances, or power of attorney for personal care, done now. Contact our pharmacy lawyers now and ask about our flat rate fee!